Hey friends!

I recently took a quick trip to Maine to photograph some special people and it was much needed and so great to see everyone. Photography has given me an opportunity to connect with so many and this trip just made me feel all the feels. I am just feeling really proud of where this journey has taken me, of my partnership with my second shooter, Bret Labelle Photography, of everyone who has supported me. I’m proud of these photos I am posting today, and of my friend, Samantha and her hubby Ryan.

I could go on and on about how great these two are but I realized at the wedding that everyone already knows. Sam and Ryan got married last Saturday at Coolidge Family Farm and the photos will tell you how sweet and special, fun and bright their wedding day was. I am so thankful to be a part of it and here is my collection of favorites to share.

005sam-ryan 004sam-ryan 003sam-ryan 202sam-ryan 013sam-ryan 201sam-ryan 008sam-ryan 015sam-ryan 001sam-ryan 204sam-ryan 205sam-ryan 206sam-ryan 009sam-ryan 031sam-ryan 207sam-ryan 208sam-ryan 042sam-ryan 203sam-ryan 043sam-ryan 048sam-ryan 047sam-ryan 045sam-ryan 050sam-ryan 049sam-ryan 209sam-ryan 060sam-ryan 210sam-ryan 059sam-ryan 054sam-ryan 065sam-ryan 063sam-ryan 061sam-ryan 211sam-ryan 070sam-ryan 071sam-ryan 212sam-ryan 213sam-ryan 075sam-ryan 077sam-ryan 074sam-ryan 165sam-ryan 082sam-ryan 083sam-ryan 214sam-ryan 086sam-ryan 215sam-ryan 217sam-ryan 092sam-ryan 216sam-ryan 218sam-ryan 114sam-ryan 121sam-ryan 219sam-ryan 132sam-ryan 220sam-ryan 144sam-ryan 151sam-ryan 221sam-ryan 152sam-ryan 139sam-ryan 143sam-ryan 153sam-ryan 154sam-ryan 163sam-ryan 162sam-ryan 164sam-ryan

Good afternoon my friends!

It’s been a long hiatus but much to come on the blog and in the future for Nicole Copeland Photo in a new location.

Last weekend I traveled up to Maine to photograph Katelynne & Tyler’s wedding at Sunday River. I was truly moved by the connection that Tyler and Katelynne shared with each other and I couldn’t be happier for them and the future they will build together. My second shooter, Bret Labelle did and amazing job, as usual and here are my favorites from Katelynne and Tyler’s mountaintop wedding.

prosser38 prosser4 prosser5 prosser7 prosser9 prosser10 prosser11 prosser12 prosser13 prosser16 prosser8 prosser14 prosser15 prosser17 prosser19 prosser18 prosser37 prosser21 prosser22 prosser24 prosser35 prosser23 prosser26 prosser27 prosser28 prosser29 prosser30 prosser33 prosser31 prosser32 prosser34


Afternoon my sweets!

This is the last wedding of the season on the blog today!

Michael and Laura’s day was so full of love, and fun, and laughter, and the photos really show it. I’d say the theme of this wedding was that these two are perfect for each other, and looking back at the photos I was almost getting teary! I couldn’t even narrow down my favorites because there we so many to pick from. I love them all and I hope you do too.

lm1 lm2 lm3 lm7 lm6 lm4 lm8 lm9 lm10 lm5 lm11 lm12 lm14 lm15 lm16 lm17 lm18 lm19 lm20 lm21 lm26 lm22 lm23 lm24 lm27 lm25 lm28 lm29 lm33 lm30 lm31 lm32 lm34 lm35 lm36 lm38 lm37 lm39 lm40 lm42 lm41 lm43 lm45 lm44 lm46


I’m heading off to paradise on Wednesday so you won’t be able to reach me. No calls, or texts, or snaps, or anything. Love you all, but it can wait ;)

Happy Friday lovies!!

This has been a slow and long week, so I am beyond psyched and literally shouting out TGIF!!

On the blog today I have a couple of high school sweethearts. I just adore a good old hs love story! I could see their special bond between these two from just spending a little time with them at Fort Williams for their engagement session. Here are my faves from our shoot and I can’t wait until the wedding!

kt1 kt2 kt3 kt4 kt5 kt6 kt7 kt8 kt9 kt10 kt11 426B0673


There’s a beautiful beach to farm themed wedding scheduled on the blog tomorrow before I head out on my paradise vacation with Georgie….so excited!

Talk soon!

Good morning my sweets!

It’s bright and early this dreary, but beautiful Tuesday morning and I have some new wedding photos to share with you.

Ryan and Laura are so much fun! I am a little sad that their day is over because I loved going to have wedding talks with them while embarrassing myself in a game of corn hole. They are just a lot of fun, a great match, and have a really bright future together. Here’s to Ryan and Laura and my faves from their wedding day…

walsh2 walsh1 walsh3 walsh4 walsh5 walsh6 walsh7 walsh8 walsh9 walsh10 walsh11 walsh12 walsh13 walsh14 walsh15 walsh16 walsh19 walsh18 walsh20 walsh21 walsh22 walsh23 walsh24 walsh25 walsh26 walsh27 walsh28 walsh29 walsh30 walsh32 walsh31 walsh33 walsh39 walsh34 walsh35 walsh36 walsh37 walsh38


Another wedding and an engagement session coming up on the blog before I fly off to a tropical vacation with my love. Life is good.

Talk soon!

Good morning my loves!

On the blog today is my sweet co-worker and newest friend, Sam,who recently got engaged to her long-time love Ryan. She is just a riot and an all around awesome person to be around so I knew that Ryan was going to be pretty great too…and (per usual) I was right ;)

When you mix two great people, their awesome dog, the perfect location, and a super moon, you get some beautiful engagements photos. This is just the start of all kinds of beautiful in their life together. Here are my favorites from our session together…

sr2 sr1 sr3
sr8 sr9 sr11 sr10 sr12 sr13 sr14 sr15 sr16 sr17 sr18 sr19 sr20 sr23 sr24 sr22 sr21

Just love and I can’t wait for the wedding!

Lots more to come on the blog over the next few weeks. Talk soon!


Good morning friends!

And happy Saturday. Today is the last wedding of my 2015 season but before I head out the door I wanted to share my faves from Jess and Wes’ lakeside camp wedding. These two are the cutest couple and so in love after two kids and many years together. It really is inspiring…

davis5 davis4 davis3 davis6 davis1 davis2 davis7 davis8 davis9 davis10 davis11 davis12 davis13 davis15 davis16 davis17 davis18 davis19 davis21 davis22 davis23 davis24 davis25 davis26 davis27 davis28 davis29 davis30 davis31 davis32


Have a great weekend!

Talk soon,


Happy Saturday friends!

I am so excited to post this wedding today! These two are the sweetest people and it literally makes my heart burst to see them so happy. Everything about their day was about family, friends, love, and smiles. Bret was also on board with me for this one and as always did such a great job!

Here are my faves from Mike and Kristin’s day.

rowe1 rowe4 rowe2 rowe5 rowe3 rowe7 rowe6 rowe8 rowe9 rowe10 rowe11 rowe12 rowe14 rowe13 rowe15 rowe16 rowe17 rowe19 rowe18 rowe20 rowe21 rowe22 rowe23 rowe24 rowe25 rowe26 rowe27 rowe28 rowe29 rowe30 rowe31 rowe32 rowe33 rowe35 rowe34

I’m off to shoot another wedding! Love you all. Talk soon!


Good morning my loves and happy Saturday!

I hope you have a sweet little weekend planned of fun & sun and a little adventure. I’m going to be at the beach, cooking out, and daydreaming about a cute boy…and then editing photos in between. Lots to update you on in the future ;)

Today on the blog I have Shea and James’ Maine countryside wedding. It was special and lovey from start to finish with not a single detail missed. These two are so in love and just excited to be married to each other. Warms your little heart <3 Here are my faves from their wedding day.

cupit2 cupit3 cupit1 cupit5 cupit4 cupit6 cupit7 cupit8 cupit9 cupit10 cupit11 cupit12 cupit13 cupit14 cupit15 cupit16 cupit17 cupit18 cupit19 cupit21 cupit20 cupit22 cupit26 cupit25 cupit27 cupit23 cupit24 cupit30 cupit29 cupit28 cupit31 cupit35 cupit33 cupit34 cupit32 cupit36Here’s to the sweet life buddies. I’m off to work on my tan.

Talk soon!

Hi guys!

Happy Friday, happy beach day, happy 4th, happy long weekend! Happy, happy, happy. I am so so pumped to go to the beach, the lake, the bbq, some laughs, some love, a few spritzers and just enjoy some goo old fashioned time off. Summer is finally here! But before I go off on my adventures I wanted to post the cutest photo session that I had with Falynn and her awesome momma Lindsey. Daddy is overseas in the military and they are looking forward to him coming home in November. Love you Tuck! and get home safe :)

Their little is totally a child model. I love how the photos came out and I hope you do too!

ft1 ft2 ft3 ft4 ft5 ft6 ft7 ft8 ft9 ft10 ft11 ft12 ft13 ft14 ft15 ft16


Off to the beach! Have a great weekend and here’s to celebrating independence <3