This post is bittersweet because I’ve been planning and looking forward to this wedding for two years! But with baby quickly on the way I had to pass it off to my longtime second shooter Bret and his second, Sarah. They did an amazing job and I was so happy that I could still be the editor.

Elizabeth and Shawn are such a fun couple, look so great together, and I love every detail of their special day! They celebrated by the water at Spring Point Ledge Light on SMCC Campus and their first kiss went off with a bang (amazing confetti cannons!!). Then they danced the night away with family & friends under the tent along the Casco Bay.

It was so hard to actually narrow it down to my favorites. Wishing them all the love and fun ahead as Mr. & Mrs. Warren. Here are my faves from their day captured by Bret and Sarah.


And I am officially on hiatus from Nicole Copeland Photography. It’s been an amazing journey over the last ten years and now I’m off on a new one…

hashtag mom life.

One thing I know is there will be many more photos to share. Just more family portraits, in CT, and likely drop the Copeland…but for now, I’m off to have a baby.

Hello my friends!

I have been working like crazy lately and I am so happy to get these photos out to you. It’s a little bittersweet since it’s my last wedding of the season and my second to last Maine wedding. It’s been amazing, and such a special part of my life over the past 9 years, to be a part of so many weddings and now it’s time for me to plan my own wedding!

But before I go, I want to share these photos from Brigette & Chris’s wedding at Josias River Farm in York, Maine. I love this venue, the goats, and this couple. It was a perfect Maine day and I want to thank Bret Labelle Photography for being by my side once again on this one, and doing an amazing job as usual.

I have only done a few first looks, where the bride & groom see each other before the ceremony, and I really loved it. I have known Brigette for many years and I was really touched that she wanted me to be a part of her special day, and so happy to meet the great guy that was her “one”. And thanks to all their family & friends for being so fun too! Here are my favorites from Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell’s wedding:
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Hi guys!

I was recently up in Maine for a quick 24 hours to photograph Patrick & Brittney’s wedding with Bret Labelle Photography as my second shooter. These two are Deering High School sweethearts with a lot of history and so much love! They tied the knot at Grace in Portland, ME, which was special as the church was familiar to the family before it was converted to a restaurant back in 2009. I really love the pictures and I really enjoyed the whole day and being a part of their wedding. Here are my favorites from their day.

verville1 verville2 verville3 verville5 verville11 verville10 verville12 verville6 verville7 verville8 verville9 verville13 verville14 verville15 verville18 verville23 verville16 verville17 verville20 verville21 verville24 verville22 verville25 verville26 verville27 verville28 verville29 verville30 verville32 verville33 verville34 verville35 verville36 verville31 verville37 verville38 verville39 verville40 verville41 verville43 verville45 verville46 verville44 verville48 verville47 verville49 verville50

Hello friends,

Tis the season and while I’m only doing a few weddings a season now, I a thrilled to be back at it. Last weekend I made a quick trip up to Maine to make my rounds with a few friends and fam and to meet up with my wedding clients. Shawn and Liz met me at the Eastern Prom to take some engagement photos and I just love how they came out! Here are my faves from our session together.

es1 es3 es5 es6 es8 es7 es9 es10 es11 es12 es14 es16 es17


Hey strangers,

I’ve been on a little break but I am back today to share pics from a wedding I photographed in Aruba with Bret Labelle Photography this past fall. It was amazing! I can’t thank Bret enough for including me.

Herb & Jamie, and their family and friends are awesome and I had the best time. The group teamed up with Aruba dog rescue to bring puppies back to the US for adoption. It was so fun to have the pups in the photos and I was able to get my puppy snuggle on too. So cute! I love the photos we captured from their day and I hope you do too! Check out our faves from the Johnson’s paradise wedding in Aruba!

aruba1 aruba3 aruba4 aruba6 aruba5 aruba2 aruba7 aruba8 aruba9 aruba10 aruba11 aruba12 aruba13 aruba14 aruba15 aruba16 aruba17 aruba18 aruba19 aruba20 aruba21 aruba22 aruba23 aruba24 aruba25 aruba26 aruba27 aruba28 aruba29 aruba30 aruba32 aruba33 aruba34 aruba35 aruba36 aruba37 aruba38 aruba39

Have a great weekend! Go Pats!!

Hi there, me again,

I’ve been pretty much working around the clock for a good month, so I am beyond excited to post my last blog for a little bit and take a mini vaca. Last post but not the least, that’s for sure. I have know Gio since he was a little one and I have always had a special place for him in my heart. I am really proud of him and the man he is becoming. He will roll his eyes if I get too sappy but I just love him and his mama too. Just love. I can’t believe he’s a senior this year at Portland High School and I really can’t wait to see him all handsome in his cap & gown on graduation day. Here are my favorites from his senior photo session.

gio1 gio2 gio3 gio4 gio6b gio5


Happy Sunday my loves,

A few months ago I spent some time with Steven and his mom Chrissy for Steven’s senior photo session. Steven will be graduating from my beloved Scarborough High School this Spring and he’s got a bright, handsome future ahead. I photographed his sister’s senior photos years ago and I can’t thank Chrissy enough for her support over the years. Here is a look at my faves from Steven’s session.

steven1 steven2 steven3 steven4 steven5 steven6

Last year I donated a photo session to Lucky Pup Rescue, and I was pumped my co-worker, Amy was the recipient. We got together when I was up in Maine at Fort Williams and had a great session with her hubby, Ken, his son Aidan and their two pups. It’s perfect timing because today is their 4 year wedding anniversary! So here’s to all the love, many years, and my favorites from our session together.


Hey gang,

On the blog this Wednesday eve, I have a fun engagement session. I’ve know Brigette for years and I really am so thrilled to be a part of her wedding! Chris met Brigette for their first date at Ruskis in Portland, and then brought her back to propose, so we went back to where it all started before heading out to Cape Elizabeth. I love how their photos came out and here our my faves from our session.

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