Happy Saturday friends!

I am so excited to post this wedding today! These two are the sweetest people and it literally makes my heart burst to see them so happy. Everything about their day was about family, friends, love, and smiles. Bret was also on board with me for this one and as always did such a great job!

Here are my faves from Mike and Kristin’s day.

rowe1 rowe4 rowe2 rowe5 rowe3 rowe7 rowe6 rowe8 rowe9 rowe10 rowe11 rowe12 rowe14 rowe13 rowe15 rowe16 rowe17 rowe19 rowe18 rowe20 rowe21 rowe22 rowe23 rowe24 rowe25 rowe26 rowe27 rowe28 rowe29 rowe30 rowe31 rowe32 rowe33 rowe35 rowe34

I’m off to shoot another wedding! Love you all. Talk soon!