Hi guys! Happy Friday eve! I hope you have some fun plans :) I’m getting off one job to hop on here and post these fun photos before I go do something fun. Always on the go go go. Loving life these days and I hope you are too! I love these cute photos I did with Jason and his boys. I was so psyched when he said let’s go downtown and do photos in the city! It was fun… Read more »

Hey Gang, Busy season is here! Holler :) I have the cutest session for you..I’m seriously dying over this one. Owen is one and I cannot get enough of those dimples, bright eyes and chubby thighs. The baby love is overflowin! Owen’s mom Darcy is a blast from the past and another alum from my beloved shs the best. We had so much fun together with her hubs Dave, and Auntie Jess and here are my faves… More portrait sessions… Read more »