happy thursday, feels like friday though. but it’s ridiculously nice out today and i’m going out to get some excercise. i recently got some insane inspiration by an aussie photographer i follow on instagram and her healthy fruit based diet. while i’m not going all fruit i am on a major kick and looking forward to change and the benefits coming my way. i’ll plan to update you along the way on this blog and instagram and maybe i can… Read more »

burrr it’s chillay out there and in here. i have about 15 layers and a hat because turning the heat up high just seems so, hm…extravagant?  ha! the aspiring artist in me is getting real frugal, real quick. i have also not yet winterized the window that is quite drafty and directly next to my desk. it’s on this week’s to do list,  along with a new health kick, a little studio space setup (whaaaat?!), and lots of editing. on… Read more »

hey friends! i hope you had a great weekend and had a little time to stop and give some thanks for all the veterans, maybe even caught a parade. this weekend I actually photographed my last wedding of the season and most likely my last portrait session of the season too. it’s been such a good year in photography for me. definitely feeling thankful :) on the blog today i have lynne & kiran’s part two on the blog. we… Read more »

happy friday guys. here is the final blog from chloe & bryan’s awesome day. it was full of love and all about friends, family and fun. here are my favorites from their reception.   have a great weekend and i will talk to you soon.  

oh hi there it’s me again. i’m pumping non-stop photos out of my little office these days. so october is over and on to november and i’m looking forward to a new month. I’m one of those people that looks at a new month as a chance to make some changes, try something new, reset. onward & upward! and on too these photos. i looove them. nick and amanda have been together 7 years! she patiently waited for him to… Read more »