Hey gang,

I hope you are having a lovely little Sunday. I have been up in my corner of the world editing these all day and I’m so excited to share. Kevin is a buddy from high school (shs babay!) and his lovely new wife Crystal, is from Scarborough too so I was right at home shooting this wedding. It was so great to be a part of their day and see old friends and faces. I can’t say enough how proud I am to see my friend all grown up and proud of his new wife and family. Tear.  Here are my faves from Crystal and Kevin’s wedding.

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Talk soon!


Hi guys!

Happy Friday eve! I hope you have some fun plans :) I’m getting off one job to hop on here and post these fun photos before I go do something fun. Always on the go go go. Loving life these days and I hope you are too!

I love these cute photos I did with Jason and his boys. I was so psyched when he said let’s go downtown and do photos in the city! It was fun bouncing around, chasing the birds, meeting dogs and just snapping some pics :)

mcd1 mcd2 mcd3 mcd4 mcd5 mcd6 mcd7 mcd8 mcd9 mcd10


Talk soon!

Hey Gang,

Busy season is here! Holler :) I have the cutest session for you..I’m seriously dying over this one. Owen is one and I cannot get enough of those dimples, bright eyes and chubby thighs. The baby love is overflowin! Owen’s mom Darcy is a blast from the past and another alum from my beloved shs the best. We had so much fun together with her hubs Dave, and Auntie Jess and here are my faves…

More portrait sessions coming soon!

Good morning loves and happy hump day <3

My good friends got married this weekend and it was so much fun! I met Tatum 10 years ago slinging beers and burgers and we have been true blues ever since. I’ve watched her son grow up, her family move away, and now her new family grow and I am just a proud little bird of her. Kevin and Ava are the perfect fit for Tatum and Gio and their crazy family is fun, and sweet, and always entertaining. I’m so happy to be a part of their day and their years to come. They had a small ceremony at city hall this past weekend with an early fall celebration planned in September. Here are my faves from Friday and I’ll be back to post all the faves in September too!

lamkin1 lamkin3 lamkin2 lamkin6 lamkin4 lamkin5 lamkin7 lamkin8 lamkin9 lamkin10 lamkin13 lamkin11 lamkin12 lamkin14lamkin15

Just love. Talk soon.

Good morning friends,

I hope you are all bundled and cozy and also daydreaming of warmer days and smaller outfits. Once we are all lounging in the Maine summer paradise, with a spritzer in our hands, this icy tundra, snowmagedon winter will seem like a distant memory and all worth it.

For my first wedding of the season I brought Bret along on a road trip up to Jackson, NH to shoot Anna and Christian’s wedding. It was cold and beautiful and I love what we captured from their day.

ac1 ac2 ac3 ac4 ac5 ac8 ac7 ac6 ac12 ac9 ac10 ac11 ac13 ac14 ac15 ac16 ac17 ac18 ac23 ac20 ac21 ac19 ac22


Have a great day with hugs and cocoa and I will see you soon.

Hello friends and happy 2015!

It’s a very exciting time for so many and I can one hundred percent say this year is going to be better than the last and full of fun and love and life and I could go on and on and….

But I really just want to get to these engagement photos of a few of my favorite people. I love them, I love their story, and I’m so so happy to be a part of their wedding day next August. Here are my favorites from our session together.km1 km2 km3 km4 km6 km7 km8 km9 km11 km10 km12 km13 km14 km15 km16

The cuteness! I can’t even. Love them, love you, just love.

Talk soon!


Happy Monday friends,

I hope you all had a fab weekend like myself. I was in NYC and it was everything I needed in my life. I had some full on spa time, some skating in the park, and a bunch of girl talk. Good girl friends are everything and always there to remind you that people come into your life for a lifetime, a reason, or a season and they never let you forget to take out the trash ;) Amen. I love the city but I was also very happy to get back to my sweet, quiet, little life to get focused on tying up this year and all my big plans for the next.

Speaking of big plans for next year, my friend Heather is on a roll. After getting accepted to college and having a big birthday I had to share my favorites from our senior session together. She is smart and has an amazing future ahead of her, and I’m routing for her all the way! She’ll even be back on the blog this summer as a bridesmaid when I photograph her dad’s wedding just before she goes off to school. Like I said, she’s on roll…

hr1 hr2 hr3 hr5 hr6 hr7

Talk soon!

Hi you guys,

I hope you are having a good week. My Monday sucked, my Tuesday is better, and my weekend will be spent in NYC! That solves that. I’m planning on dancing through the streets in a fabulous outfit with my best bestie at my side. It is going to be amazing and much needed and I’ll be instagramming all of the fun we plan to have, so follow me if you like at xonicolecopexo.

For today’s pics I have Crystal and Kevin, fellow alums of Scarborough High School, whoot whoot. I’ve know Kevin for years and I can’t say how happy I am that he found somebody so sweet to marry next summer and to be a part of it to boot! Here are my faves from our session together.

ck1 ck2 ck3 ck4 ck5 ck6 ck7Talk soon!

Hi dolls,

I hope you are all defrosted and cozy by now. Winter has officially arrived in Maine, and as a true Mainer, I have my ice scraper handy, my winter wardrobe in check, and I’m ready for the winter festivities to come.

Considering how quickly the cold weather came this year I really had my doubts about sneaking in November shoots, but we were super lucky for this one. I love how they came out. Here are my favorites from my session with Sam, Lindsey, Cooper, and Natalie.

griff_blog1 griff_blog2 griff_blog3 griff_blog4 griff_blog5 griff_blog6 griff_blog7 griff_blog8 griff_blog10


Talk soon!

Happy Friday my sweets!

I’m literally ready to go busting out the doors at 5pm shouting I’m free, I’m free!

I really hope you do the same :) With a holiday week coming up too…doesn’t get better friends. I have a nice little weekend planned of holiday prepping, some boot camp, a family photo shoot, a little date tonight. Good times ahead.

So another awesome engagement session up on the blog today. Jess and Wes are really so great, and so in love, these two were smooching the whole time, it was inspiring. They have been together for years and are still going strong heading down the aisle with their adorable little son, Calvin, in tow. Jess and Wes met while teens working at Hodgman’s Frozen Custard in New Gloucester, a family owned biz of Jess’ grandmother. What started off as a young friendship, led to a sweet romance, and they were then dubbed “The Hodgman’s Couple”. I mean their love story is sweeter than the custard people! I just looove it. So we returned to where it all started for some engagement photos and here are my faves…

jw_blog1 jw_blog1a jw_blog2 jw_blog3 jw_blog4 jw_blog5 jw_blog6 jw_blog7 jw_blog8 jw_blog9

Just cute. That is all. Talk soon.