happy thursday, feels like friday though. but it’s ridiculously nice out today and i’m going out to get some excercise. i recently got some insane inspiration by an aussie photographer i follow on instagram and her healthy fruit based diet. while i’m not going all fruit i am on a major kick and looking forward to change and the benefits coming my way. i’ll plan to update you along the way on this blog and instagram and maybe i can inspire you.

the photos on the blog today are so adorable. last year at this time julia was a baby and now she is a peanut, running around with her dora backpack on. it’s too much. we met at pineland farms this past weekend, which is very quickly becoming one of my fave spots to shoot. jen, chris, and julia are such a cute family so of course the photos are likewise. take a look…

callfam1 callfam2 callfam4 callfam5 callfam6 callfam7 callfam13callfam8 callfam11 callfam12 callfam9 callfam10

so enjoy this day and the weekend i’ll be back next week with wedding photos.