burrr it’s chillay out there and in here. i have about 15 layers and a hat because turning the heat up high just seems so, hm…extravagant?  ha! the aspiring artist in me is getting real frugal, real quick. i have also not yet winterized the window that is quite drafty and directly next to my desk. it’s on this week’s to do list,  along with a new health kick, a little studio space setup (whaaaat?!), and lots of editing.

on the blog today we have the spugnardi family for a little photo shoot before the holidays. it’s a really special time for them before there newest family member arrives and I was able to get some great moments of them at their home on this sweet november day.

spugfam1 spugfam2 spugfam4 spufam3 spugfam5 spugfam8 spugfam9 spugfam6 spugfam7 spugfam10

have an awesome day and tomorrow i’ll be back with another great family shoot.