oh hi there it’s me again.

i’m pumping non-stop photos out of my little office these days. so october is over and on to november and i’m looking forward to a new month. I’m one of those people that looks at a new month as a chance to make some changes, try something new, reset. onward & upward!

and on too these photos. i looove them. nick and amanda have been together 7 years! she patiently waited for him to pop the question and the last photo in the series just about sums up her excitement to say “yes”! i am so excited for them and to be there along the way since my cute boyfriend is nick’s childhood bestie and best man. awww. it’s just cute.

what i love about engagement photos is that you can actually see the love between two people…have a look see ;)

an18 an14 an1 an2 an4 an3 an5 an6 an7 an8 an9 an10 an12 an13 an15 an16 an17

have a great weekend! it’s the new moon on sunday and a fortune cookie that told me that luck will visit me in the next new moon! so something good is on the way..i feel it ;)