Hi guys!

I’m bouncing out of my seat to get these to you fast enough because I just love them so much. I’ve been laughing, crying, and just a mixed bag of emotions in my cubie working on the photos all day. Sshh don’t tell my boss :)

Ok so you may recognize one of those pretty little bridesmaids in these pics..it’s me! Ha..and I’ve honestly never felt prettier a day in my life. One of my forever friends married the greatest guy a few weeks ago and when she came to me last year to ask me to be in the wedding and photograph it, I did what any crazy person would do and said, Yes!

And I’m so glad I did. I loved every single second of it and was so honored to just be a part of it all. I had my lovely & wonderful cousin, and past assistant  Samantha come along to shoot the guys, the ceremony, and all the stuff I couldn’t, and she did such a great job. Love you Sam!

So here are my faves from the first part of Megan & Billy’s Seaside Lovefest…

lovefest1 lovefest2 lovefest3 lovefest5 lovefest6 lovefest7 lovefest8 lovefest9 lovefest10 lovefest11 lovefest12 lovefest13 lovefest4 lovefest17 lovefest22 lovefest18 lovefest19 lovefest20 lovefest23 lovefest14 lovefest16 lovefest15 lovefest21 lovefest.26 lovefest25 lovefest30 lovefest34 lovefest28 lovefest26 lovefest29 lovefest32 lovefest31 lovefest33

Swoon! I can’t even take it. I can’t wait to post part two and I really want to do it all over again but this is the next best thing. Lots of love.