It’s a new wedding season my friends and I am going to start posting like crazy. It feels good to be back in the game again! My first wedding of the year was in North Woostock, New Hampshire and it was beyond fun. The dance floor was packed all night long and I totally got in on the action with a little green hat and a “who’s your paddy?” button. That’s right! These two were adorable, their family & friends were so great, and the whole day was something awesome to be a part of.  It was great to have Bret Labelle come along as my second shooter and we have some cool stuff coming up soon. Like an amaze photo booth..yuuuuup! More to come on this. Tell yo friends! It will be ready for booking next week.

So back to one of the best weddings ever…here are some of my faves…

kjb2 kjb3 kjb24 kjb1 kjb5 kjb4 kjb6 kjb7 kjb9 kjb10 kjb12 kjb11 kjb13 kjb23 kjb14 kjb15 kjb16 kjb17 kjb18 kjb19 kjb21 kjb22 kjb20


I’m pretty sure I’m coming back with more faves on this one. So many! I’ll be back soon with a Gatsby themed wedding that was to die for.