Happy Monday friends,

I hope you all had a fab weekend like myself. I was in NYC and it was everything I needed in my life. I had some full on spa time, some skating in the park, and a bunch of girl talk. Good girl friends are everything and always there to remind you that people come into your life for a lifetime, a reason, or a season and they never let you forget to take out the trash ;) Amen. I love the city but I was also very happy to get back to my sweet, quiet, little life to get focused on tying up this year and all my big plans for the next.

Speaking of big plans for next year, my friend Heather is on a roll. After getting accepted to college and having a big birthday I had to share my favorites from our senior session together. She is smart and has an amazing future ahead of her, and I’m routing for her all the way! She’ll even be back on the blog this summer as a bridesmaid when I photograph her dad’s wedding just before she goes off to school. Like I said, she’s on roll…

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Talk soon!