Holy heat wave! After sweating it out all day editing these photos, I coming at you from my car in the parking lot of Mickey D’s. Stealing their internet while Time Warner fixes mine and cooling down in the ac with the pup.  I could have waited to post them tomorrow but I just love these photos so much I wanted to get them out there today!

Caidra & Kris were prom king and queen together in high school. They even danced their first dance as husband and wife to the same song they danced to as king & queen. It’s the cutest story and they really are the cutest couple and so nice too. I really can’t say enough about how sweet they are along with all their friends and family but I think the photos tell the story on their own. Shout out to my killer second shooter Bret Labelle on this one too :) Here are the highlights of Kris and Caidra’s summer wedding…

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ah love love love them!

I’ll be back soon with an awesome Peaks Island wedding.

Talk soon,