Hi there!

I am working against the clock to get this post out before you hit the weekend. It’s finally going to be warm!! I’m shooting a wedding in Camden tomorrow and then I’ll be getting my tan on all day Sunday. It is long overdue for this pastey white bod.

For this wedding I was very lucky to meet this family and be a part of their day. It was just one of those weddings where you could feel the love and the meaning all throughout. I’m also very proud of it because I shot it solo and did not miss a moment! bam, love that. So here are my favorites from Becky and Woody’s spring wedding.

hayward1 hayward7 hayward2 hayward3 hayward4 hayward5 hayward6 hayward8 hayward9 hayward11 hayward10 hayward12 hayward13 hayward14 hayward15 hayward16 hayward18 hayward19 hayward20 hayward21 hayward17 hayward22 hayward23 hayward25 hayward24 hayward26


Talk soon!