Hello my loves,

How are you? Life has been crazy lately and definitely a juggling act but the one thing that always keep me grounded is my photography. It fills my heart to photograph all those in love on such a special day. I try to give my photos the feeling and emotion of the day, catching all the little moments that make it so special. I really try to get and give the photos that I would want myself. So your wedding is all about me. Juuust kidding.

Part two of this special, amazing, fun, & beautiful love fest is on the blog. This is the one I photographed, while being a bridesmaid, with my awesome second shooter Samantha there to help. I’m proud of these all around. I couldn’t be happier to give this gift to Megan & Billy and I couldn’t be more excited that I’m actually in photos at a wedding and not just taking them. See again, all about me ;) No but really it’s all about them and I slightly over posted because I just couldn’t get enough. Their love teaches me how I want to love, and it’s pretty great. Here are my faves…

lovefest35 lovefest36 lovefest37 lovefest38 lovefest39 lovefest40 lovefest41 lovefest42 lovefest43 lovefest44 lovefest45 lovefest46 lovefest47 lovefest48 lovefest49 lovefest50 lovefest51 lovefest52 lovefest54 lovefest55 lovefest53 lovefest57 lovefest56 lovefest58 lovefest59 lovefest60 lovefest61 lovefest62 lovefest63 lovefest64 lovefest65 lovefest66 lovefest68 lovefest67 lovefest69 lovefest70 lovefest71 lovefest72 lovefest74 lovefest73 lovefest75 lovefest77 lovefest76 lovefest78 lovefest79 lovefest80love love love. that is all. for now :)