Holler it’s hump day, it’s beautiful out and i’m feeling like a million bucks today!

i hope you are too :) I went a little nuts on this post because there were so many favorites I just couldn’t narrow it down. I’m having a lot of fun with my photography now and feeling super inspired for the rest of the season.

I love this wedding because they made it personal & fun and planned plenty of time for photography! The best photos happen when they have they time to happen :) My partner in crime on this one was Bret Labelle, and once again he was the bomb. He manned the new photo wall and there will be a post coming soon on those faves. The booth/wall is now booking for weddings, events, you name it and I will hook it up.

So on to the photo’s of Gillian & Alex’s wedding in Wells. They are fun & cool and we just had a blast being part of their day…

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talk soon!!