Good morning loves and happy hump day <3

My good friends got married this weekend and it was so much fun! I met Tatum 10 years ago slinging beers and burgers and we have been true blues ever since. I’ve watched her son grow up, her family move away, and now her new family grow and I am just a proud little bird of her. Kevin and Ava are the perfect fit for Tatum and Gio and their crazy family is fun, and sweet, and always entertaining. I’m so happy to be a part of their day and their years to come. They had a small ceremony at city hall this past weekend with an early fall celebration planned in September. Here are my faves from Friday and I’ll be back to post all the faves in September too!

lamkin1 lamkin3 lamkin2 lamkin6 lamkin4 lamkin5 lamkin7 lamkin8 lamkin9 lamkin10 lamkin13 lamkin11 lamkin12 lamkin14lamkin15

Just love. Talk soon.

2 thoughts on “the lamkins.

  1. nicole Post author

    Thanks Eleanora! It was such a great day and I’m so happy all the love came through in the photos xoxo.

  2. Eleanora Rosati

    Those pictures really touched The closeness of that family and I’m so happy for them that they came full circle and joined as one beautiful clan

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