one of my very best friends, biggest supporters and regular model on the blog for years is getting married!! i feel like it’s an episode of “sex in the city”, an all time fave of ours :)

i’m doubly excited to be in the wedding too! it’s going to be quite the event in our hometown of Scarborough at her family friends beach home on the ocean. the best part is that we met working at the clambake nearby 16 years ago! but enough about our relationship, ha.. her billy is such a great guy and a perfect fit for my sweet friend. i could go on and on about these two, actually three..bailey is the sweetest too, but anyone who knows them, already knows and anyone who doesn’t i think the photos will tell…


can’t wait for the wedding! which i’ll also be photographing..i should start practicing my juggling skills now ;)

more to come this week guys. talk to you soon.

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