happy halloweeeen everyone. i have been soo busy this year that i haven’t been able to be as festive as usual, but i do plan to hone my thriller dance skills and eat some peanut butter cups today. i thought about going to the mall and takes photos of the kids in their costumes, but then i thought that may be a little creepy, and not the good kind of halloween creepy ;)

moving on to the good stuff. lynne & kiran were married at Grace in Portland two weeks ago, an old church in portland rehabbed into an amazing restaurant, bar, and wedding venue. if you haven’t been yet, it’s a must. i brought along the super talented bret labelle as my second shooter and i must say i think we make a pretty awesome team, i’m so looking forward to shooting a bunch next year together.

lynne is a beauty, kiran is a riot, and here are my faves while we were getting ready for the ceremony.

lk11 kl12p lk10 lk8 lk13 lk19 lk9 lk4 lk14 lk2 lk5 lk15 lk3 lk6 lk1 lk7 lk17 lk16 lk18


happy haunting my friends and i’ll be back soon with more photos.