oh haaay everybody. i’m knee deep in shooting and edits over here. and i’m lovin every minute of it. the chill in the air means that the slow season is a coming but lots of photos to show you from now till then. a few years ago i worked a a big fun & crazy restaurant while building my photography biz. while working there I got to know one of the cooks, a great guy from Philly & his sweet girlfriend. fast forward a few years later and here I am photographing their wedding.

it’s been just about 10 years that these two have been together. yep, that’s right 10 years people! and now they are officially mr. & mrs. scott. i love it. it was really special to be a part of their day and i’m happy to share part one with you…

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tons of stuff coming up for you. back to editing for me and i think i’m going to have a smores party tonight! exciting stuff.

talk to you soon.


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