Good morning friends.

I hope you are happy and healthy this cool Monday morning. I have to say I’m sad to see the warm temps and sun go but it’s a perfect time for transition and changes for me and maybe even a little quiet time…but I doubt it. In the past week I went from the top of the mountain in North Conway to shoot a wedding, to Minneapolis, MN to run a conference, to York, ME to shoot another wedding, and it looks like I’ll be in Philly this week. Life changes and doors open when you let it and I have realized that life’s really to short to sit in one spot and not walk through those doors with the right people by your side. Ya know?

So this couple, this wedding, and this venue is just amazing. It was such an event for all the guests I was kind of jealous and wish I were invited, ha. Bret came with to second shoot on this one too and we had a blast as usual. Every detail was perfect and fun and I had the hardest time narrowing down my favorites. Here are the faves from Caitlin and Drew’s wedding at The Barn at Hardy Farm in Fryberg, ME.

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Here’s to Caitlin and Drew and Bruno too! And all the doors they will be opening and walking through together in their lifetime.

Talk soon!