Hey strangers,

I’ve been on a little break but I am back today to share pics from a wedding I photographed in Aruba with Bret Labelle Photography this past fall. It was amazing! I can’t thank Bret enough for including me.

Herb & Jamie, and their family and friends are awesome and I had the best time. The group teamed up with Aruba dog rescue to bring puppies back to the US for adoption. It was so fun to have the pups in the photos and I was able to get my puppy snuggle on too. So cute! I love the photos we captured from their day and I hope you do too! Check out our faves from the Johnson’s paradise wedding in Aruba!

aruba1 aruba3 aruba4 aruba6 aruba5 aruba2 aruba7 aruba8 aruba9 aruba10 aruba11 aruba12 aruba13 aruba14 aruba15 aruba16 aruba17 aruba18 aruba19 aruba20 aruba21 aruba22 aruba23 aruba24 aruba25 aruba26 aruba27 aruba28 aruba29 aruba30 aruba32 aruba33 aruba34 aruba35 aruba36 aruba37 aruba38 aruba39

Have a great weekend! Go Pats!!